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If i were in charge of s6…

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cute roomies-at-college!klaine to make ann smile

Blaine hadn’t expected to become best friends with his roommate or anything. He requested a double room at NYADA for the experience; he thought it would be a good idea to get used to the idea of living in close quarters with someone. And, well, he hadn’t been worried. People like him well enough most of the time, so even if he didn’t expect to be friends with his randomly chosen roommate, he expected them to at least get along.

The bare minimum of his expectations worked out - he and his roommate, Kurt Hummel, get along. The problem is, Blaine wants them to get along better, to have conversations every once in a while that aren’t about their room or the dining hall menu.

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@chordoverstreet: Who’s playin?!!!

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My tagline would probably be, "I’m only a bitch when I’m conscious."

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Summary: The worst Klaine fic in existence. All of the biggest Klaine fanfic pet peeves in one fic.

Blaine had been nervous ever since he had texted Kurt to meet him at the Lima Bean. They had been dating for a week now, but he was ridiculously in love with this boy even though he only knew a few things about him.

Hey Kurtie, will you meet me at the Lima Bean in about an hour? I have a very unsubtle thing to do that no one would ever guess.  –Blainey

Of course I will! I’ll make sure to wear my tightest clothes so you can have an inner monologue about how tight my jeans are for at least 2 paragraphs. – Kurtie

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Yeah so I’m gonna go with my gut and say trust Joaquin. These spoilers are total bullshit.

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No matter who we become, even if we do need alone time - which is completely valid - WE’LL ALWAYS BELONG TO EACH OTHER

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Anonymous truffles, i'm so upset ;n; mjs has posted new, detailed spoilers about the first episode and they are horrible! but why would she post that much detail unless it was true? i can't watch klaine broken up again or blaine dating karofsky.


Good morning, nonnie.  One of many, I see!  I was worried as soon as I pulled up my tumblr that something had happened.

So.  Let’s get down to business.

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Name 10 words that rhyme with flash.

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