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"Sometimes I think we talk too much"


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The easy way that Blaine says that. “You’re gonna wake up and realize ‘I don’t love him anymore.’” He just shrugs, like it’s an inevitability. Like this is something he’s thought about so often, he’s desensitized to it.

And yet there are tears in his eyes. Because no matter how often he thinks about it, it still scares him so much. And he’s scared that now that he’s finally said it out loud, it’ll become reality.

Then Kurt comes in and says, “Never.” Such a definitive answer. He didn’t just say, “Of course not.” He said “Never.” And then he added, “I’m always gonna love you.” Always. This is all Blaine has ever wanted to hear since they broke up, and now he’s heard it.

Let’s hope they can move on from this now and be happy together without always fighting about petty things.

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Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Pyramids of Giza for the first time in 2,737 years on December 3, 2012

i’ve never reblogged anything so fast

Had to tbh





Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Pyramids of Giza for the first time in 2,737 years on December 3, 2012

i’ve never reblogged anything so fast

Had to tbh


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Summary: Tiny reaction ficlet to Blaine’s insecurities in tonight’s episode, Tested. Kind of a post-conversation conversation? Really just taking what Blaine and Kurt talked about at the end of the episode and continuing it to get a better resolution.

It isn’t until later that it really hits Kurt.

It’s after they’ve had their conversation, and after Kurt let Blaine cry on his shoulder, and after Kurt led them both back to the bedroom, and after Kurt peeled off Blaine’s clothes layer by layer, kissing his whole body and showing him just how much he’s loved, and after Kurt has made sure that Blaine is taken care of before he takes care of himself.

I don’t like the way I feel about myself, Kurt, okay?

I feel insecure around you.

I’m just scared that one day you’re going to wake up and say “I don’t love him anymore.”

And it’s that, combined with Blaine’s face when Kurt had brought up Eli earlier that week, that makes Kurt finally realize what’s going on with his fiancé.

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I’m looking through the posts I’ve tagged with “lol kurt” and there’s this one I reblogged way back in December (5x06? I’m seeing talk about a piano here) and some lines jumped out at me that are very much applicable to this week’s episode:

  • The narrative’s point in doing this was showing us that Blaine is the one who doesn’t deserve Kurt, that he constantly has to make things up to Kurt and shower him with attention, praise, gifts and adoration with little to no reciprocation. 
  • Blaine makes mistakes. He’s clingy and desperate for attention and love. He bottles up how he feels and then when something happens, he lets them all out like a dam. He’s insecure, both in his relationship with Kurt and with his relationships to others. 
  • The difference between Kurt and Blaine is that Kurt’s mistakes are never acknowledged and all of Blaine’s are. Blaine has to constantly apologize and he is even put in the wrong whenever Kurt is the one to make a mistake. 
  • Blaine apologizes and does not receive one in return. Blaine encourages Kurt to go to New York and then is ignored and treated like he doesn’t matter?
  • Kurt ends up being the victim and then Blaine grovels for forgiveness for an entire season
  • The writing continuously goes out of its way to tell us something that it doesn’t show: that Kurt’s the martyr, the great boyfriend who never has to apologize and that Blaine is the one constantly in the wrong, who needs to prove himself over and over to be worthy of Kurt.




okay but really: “next time you’re going through something like this you have to be honest with me” 

like???? kurt???? really?????? “i don’t want to talk about this”?? “sometimes i think we talk to much”???? 

like that had to be intentional, right? they had blaine try to talk to him TWICE and get brushed off each time. and then kurt says this. so there should be a point to that, right? i mean, kurt will get called out on that eventually?

because i’m having flashbacks to blaine trying at least three times to really talk to kurt about his fears of long distance and getting brushed off each time, and how they’ve never really talked about that either.

but i just want to believe that there is a point to this. that this particular failure in communcation will get addressed. 

and then the Kurt stans jumped on my post where I said something along these lines and they’re saying that Blaine isn’t giving anything in this relationship and Kurt is the one who is investing in it

… remind me again how that is so.


"i feel like you don’t need me anymore."

"i don’t like the way that i feel about myself anymore, kurt. okay?

"i feel insecure around you! i feel insecure around my own fiance!”

"i’m just so scared that you’re gonna— keep changing. and you’re gonna keep getting stronger. and one day you’re gonna wake up and realize— ‘i don’t love him anymore.’"


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I can hear Will Sherrod saying that’s right bitches all the way from the other coast


klaine 3x17 & klaine 5x16

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I also had to look twice and check that the OP actually said that Blaine is the one who’s always getting hurt. Cough, Choke.

*roll eyes* Getting hurt isn’t only a physical thing, geez.

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