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Fic: Nightbird Meets His Match (PG-13)


I was out walking my dog this morning and contemplating Kurt in a catsuit, which I may or may not do worryingly often, and I got this cracky idea. And since I’ve finally finished my other long fic (ugh, editing now), I thought I’d write it. Welcome to my brain. 


It’s the last meeting of the year, nearly graduation. There really isn’t any need for it, though both Blaine and Sam want to be sure the younger members carry on their good work after they’ve gone. And so they’d agreed to meet this one last time, to stress to them the importance of their little group and all they’ve done for the school.

Or so Blaine had thought. That was his intention at least. Sam, well, The Blonde Chameleon, he may have had other plans all along.

And that is why what The Blonde Chameleon says after the meeting has been called to order confuses Nightbird.

“As a special surprise for our very last meeting of the year, we have a reformed criminal here to talk with us.” The Blonde Chameleon nods at Nightbird, who just looks on with a wrinkled brow. “So give it up for the world’s most notorious cat burglar – who we’ll leave unnamed to avoid copyright in… whatever that’s called.”

“Infringement,” Nightbird tells him, readjusting his cape and looking towards the door, where The Blonde Chameleon is now headed to retrieve their secret guest. He has the sudden realization that Sam has maybe invited an actual criminal, but he shakes his head. That wouldn’t involve copyright infringement of any kind. Even if the perpetrator had been a star on America’s Most Wanted.

Everyone begins murmuring to one another, causing a low hum of noise that’s starting to get really annoying while The Blonde Chameleon sticks his head out the door to speak with this criminal guest of his. Nightbird is just about to strike his gavel on the table and call all of his super friends to order, when The Blonde Chameleon steps back and Nightbird sees one long, shapely leg wrapped deliciously in zinging tight black leather, followed by another, and then the rest of the body and his mouth has suddenly forgotten how to form words.

Kurt… um… Catwoman (no! copyright infringement!), The Cat slinks into the room, the overhead lights reflecting off his shiny suit. Nightbird swallows and tries once again to speak. It comes out as a strangled sort of squawk, which he supposes is only fitting. Blaine… Nightbird wants to ask what he’s doing here in Ohio when he has work and auditions and other important things going on, but that’s not an appropriate conversation for this room. No secret identities.

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Kurt and Blaine argue over who does more work during sex, because of course they would.

It starts with Blaine complaining of a sore back.

Well it’s not so much as him complaining as it is Rachel noticing when they’re out getting lunch together—she catches the way that he winces when he slides into the booth of the tiny café, looks at him with concern bright in her big eyes as she accepts the menu their young waitress gives her.

“Blaine, are you okay?” she asks as she flips through the laminated pages, looking up a few times with her head tilted as she waits for his answer.

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My newly-initiated-into-Glee friend and I were ten seconds into Barely Breathing…

And then this happened.

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My friend who is new to Glee, we’re watching 4x03 now and she wept at Kurt rejecting Blaine with a ” BLAINE PROMISED TO PICK UP EVERY PHONECALL FROM KURT EVER IN THE BOX SCENE”


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Two things Darren shared during his Q&A that I haven’t seen around (I might have just missed them, but just to be sure)

- He doesn’t think he has a Broadway voice. He wouldn’t mind doing some productions here and there, but he thinks his voice is way more fit for pop music.
- When he first…

Muggles are not able to REBLOG this.







REBLOG this to prove you are not a Muggle.


my reblog button fucked up and i almost had a heart attack

I did it in the first try.





But the lack of notes truly worries me



My mouse accidently slid off of the button and I was like, “dkfsafsa”

BAM. Not a muggle.

I knew my letter got lost!!

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A girl I’ve been friends with for years now only just discovered Glee and we’re simulwatching and commentating, we’re on 3x05 now and:

"#63: Lay a rose at the birthplace of Noel Coward."
- Kurt’s bucket list

… So who’s playing Coward in the biopic again? =))

First it was Blaine looking like Montgomery Clift and Matt Bomer playing him in a biopic, now this.

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